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We welcome you to connect with departments within the Student Outreach and Support (SOS) unit! Our team works to align, enhance, and advocate for academic support services across the university and within the broader St. Louis region for all students. We provide a comprehensive support model to implement strategies and practices that promote student achievement. Our team works to engage you in high-impact practices that will result in your academic, personal, and professional success. 

The SOS unit includes Student Enrichment and Achievement (SEA), TRIO Student Support Services (TRIO), University Student Support (USS), and the University Tutoring Center (UTC)

Student Enrichment and Achievement provides targeted support and workshops for students facing academic challenges. An experienced team of success coaches partner with you to create a culture of enrichment and achievement through a commitment to holistic and individualized support. SEA also provides oversight for the early alert system, which initiates electronic communications when a student experiences a success barrier in a course in partnership with faculty and other support service departments.

UMSL’s TRIO Student Support Services program seeks to facilitate the transfer of participants from two-year to four-year institutions while increase the college retention and graduation rates of student participants.

University Student Support provides comprehensive support services for all students, which includes academic coaching, professional development, mentoring and Commit to Success workshops to engage you in a variety of pertinent topics relevant to UMSL students.

The University Tutoring Center provides students with a variety of learning tools. When you utilize these services, you'll be equipped with effective study skills, strategies and resources that enhance your overall learning experience and empower you to achieve student success. UTC provides individualized tutorial services, group tutorial sessions, alumni tutoring, online tutorial support and study hall, all intentionally designed to promote academic success. 

We are committed to supporting all UMSL students with intentional, holistic support that will lead to persistence and degree completion. You are welcome to engage with any of our teams to assist you during your academic journey and we look forward to connecting with each of you.

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Student Outreach & Support gives you access to a team of professionals dedicated to your academic future. You are welcome to engage with any of our teams to assist you during your academic journey.